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About Ian David Moss

IAN DAVID MOSS began his musical studies at the age of 12 by transcribing classics from the Wee Sing songbook for his computer’s monophonic PC speaker. His first major composition was a “rock symphony” written as an independent study project during his senior year in high school. While earning a degree in music at Yale University, he served as the Undergraduate Assistant Conductor of the Yale Glee Club, and for two years as President of the Yale College Composers’ Group (now known as Igigi), an organization he founded in the fall of 2000. He has sung baritone with the Dessoff Choirs, the Canticum Novum Singers, the Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia, and the Yale Glee Club at venues including Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Philadelphia's Kimmel Center and Academy of Music, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, and is co-founder of C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective. In addition to his electric new music ensemble/experimental rock band Capital M, his music has been performed or read from New Jersey to Alaska by ensembles including Mosaik Two, the Princeton Singers, Forecast Music, Cerddorion, Due East, the Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia, the Yale Symphony Orchestra, and the Way Blue Bucket. Ian recently received his MBA from the Yale School of Management.

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